Anpu Sahotharar Illam (ASI) is an orphanage, which opened in January 2001. The orphanage is located in Mannar town area in Mannar district, Sri Lanka, an area affected by ethnic war. Most of the children’s parents were killed during the civil war. According to the local government statistics there were more than 150 children registered as orphans at that time.

We had a vision to open an orphanage to provide love and care for the orphans. Through this work we try to show Godly love so that they may come to know more about Jesus.

At present we have 16 boys aged 7-15 in our orphanage (see photos). They come from various cultural and religious backgrounds. The children are thriving; their education and health have improved considerably. Some of the children did not even know how to wear shoes but now they are able to do this and dress smartly.